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Master Plan

The Master Plan's vision is to create an environment where a range of businesses can grow and prosper through the development of Maylands as a sustainable, well connected Green Business Park offering a high standard of accommodation within a pleasant high quality environment, served by a range of conveniently located shops and amenities.

The development of the Master Plan was led by Maylands Partnership, the strategy seeks to unlock the potential of the Maylands Business Park, transforming it into the premier business location in London's Greater Southeast by developing 35 hectacres of open space, providing nearly 180,000 square metres of office space; implementing a sustainable transport and movement strategy and a green policy including the development of an Energy Centre.


The objectives for the Master Plan are to:
  • Encourage sustainable forms of development and construction through renewable energy production and sustainable business practices.
  • Provide an accessible place to work, through introducing high quality public transport, encouraging sustainable forms of travel via a variety of modes, and promoting ease of movement and reducing congestion in and around Maylands.
  • Create the conditions needed to encourage the development of high quality accommodation for technology related and other businesses, through adopting a proactive planning and development context.
  • Protect and enhance current occupiers by improving the current environment and introducing mechanisms to ensure higher quality development in the future. Improve and diversify the range of facilities available to businesses, such as shops, cafes and meeting, conference and other support services.
  • Improve the quality of the environment throughout the Business Area through the creation of open spaces, landscaping and improvements to the public realm.
  • Ensure work places are safe and secure without compromising the appearance and quality of the area.
  • Promote a distinct identity for different parts of Maylands, each one being attractive to a particular range of business types, enabling links to develop between them

Maylands has an exciting future. Join us for a bigger better brighter future.

Download the Maylands Master Plan PDF